Dec 13, 2011

holiday dresses

The holidays are getting closer and closer. It is high time to buy not only the presents for your loved ones but also to buy yourself some great outfit for the festive evenings. I would argue that every girl needs at least two outfits for the upcoming holidays: a christmas and a new year's eve outfit. And I would even go as far as saying that these two outfits best were dresses. 

In order to inspire you and to also show you how many cute and beautiful dresses for the holiday season are out there, I will now present you my selection for the holidays. I decided on four general colour directions: classic and classy black, bold blue, glittery grey and rose, and wintery white. 

To say it once and for all: you can never ever go wrong with a black dress, not even on christmas or new year's eve. Black is classy and flattering for female bodies that are sinuous. Add some glittering and sparkling details like a sequin clutch or some black jewellery and you're set.

Bold Blue: I must admit that blue is a rather bold colour to suggest... but it's nonetheless a beautiful and rather extraordinary choice. and with the dresses above I guess you will have to admit that blue is a great choice for a holiday dress. 

Glittery grey, old rose, or pink... any of these colours would make a perfect match for the festivities on christmas. I especially love the grey one in the bottom left corner with the genius back. Actually, I'm pretty much in love with all of these dresses...probably because they are glittering, glistening, sparkling and twinkling :)

And finally: wintery white. What is there to say about these dresses? They will make you look like an angel! I would suggest a white or beige creme dress like any on these for a bombastic new year's eve. The one in the bottom line with the gemstone-piece on the back is just amazing.

Ah how I wish I could own all of these dresses! I would simply stop wearing trousers.... and only wear dresses instead. Dresses are more feminine anyway!

xoxo linskaya


  1. Where have you found these dresses? Amazing! I need to know :)

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  3. Hey Christina, I collected them all over the place... but I think I could trace them all back! Just let me know in which dress your interested :)

  4. Can you tell me where you found the bottom left in the grey section, the top.left and top right in the blue section, and the bottom right in the black? Thanks!

  5. Sure!
    The bottom left grey one is called Motel Simone Dress Bleach Black and you can find it here... (unfortunately it's no longer available)
    The top left blue one is a variation of the grey/silvery Motel Simone dress... and it was also once available on
    The top right blue one is called Odessa Dress and you can find it on several websites such as or
    About the bottom right black one, I'm really sorry, but I don't know :( I spent hours looking for it myself... and I know that the picture is from but I just can't find out where to find it...
    I'm really sorry that I couldn't help you more!

  6. LOVE! In the cream section, where did you find the bottom right with the dip back and all the fabulous colorful jewels??

  7. The dress with the jeweled spine is a Karen Zambos dress called Talia. You can find it here:
    Hope that helped! ;)

  8. hey there, i was on pinterest and I was trying to trace down the grey glitter one (1st row center) you have on there any way you can tell me what website you got it from?i know its been awhile but sometimes if you click on the picture source it will tell you url?!i appreciate it when you have a chance;)

  9. Hellou... Well, pinterest gives me this link:
    and on this site, the girl tells you where to get it and how it is called: It's an Alberta Ferretti dress and you should be able to find it on (if they still have it in stock).
    I hope that I was able to help you! ;)