Jan 31, 2012

proud like a peacock

Sorry, guys and girls, for keeping you waiting so long. Last week was a rather busy week with my last 600-words essay to finish. But I did it! The deadline was yesterday, so now I am back for good. And I have tons of stuff to share with you...

But first of all, I wanna tell you how really proud I am on myself. Proud like peacock! :)

I never had to write so many papers and essays for one semester at the University like this semester - hello, master studies, I guess! But I managed to keep a timetable and a to do list and fought my way through all this work slowly but constantly... no stress, no panic, no half-hearted works this year. Yeeaah!

Wanna know how I did it? (Just in case you need some motivation to get your work done...)

There is one very simple principle that works for me: reward yourself when the work is done! I used to that at the end of my essays and it was mostly unhealthy food I rewarded myself with. I kept teeling myself: "you need this right now. you worked so hard, you deserve this!" and gained about 1 kilo. But hey, that's soooooo wrong!

This year, I had a new plan. I rewarded myself on a daily basis with a balanced breakfast and a chapter in my book (Oh, how I love the "Song of Ice and Fire" series), a fun and healthy lunch, one episode of my favourite TV series and some yoga/karate/dancing.

This is how it worked: I got up, prepared myself a balanced breakfast like scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast, pumpernickel with cream cheese and fresh tomatoes or some granola with fresh fruit and yoghurt. I allowed myself to have breakfast as long as it took me to read one chapter. Then I got to work...concentrated work for 3 to 4 hours accompanied by some green tea. For lunch, I reserved myself an enitre hour: preparing and cooking a healthy lunch like a huge salad with shrimps, sesame and goat cheese, a spicy thai soup or some couscous, and eating it while watching one episode of a TV series (my favourite right now is "The Vampire Diares 3"). After that, I got back to work for another 3-4 hours and finished my day with 30 minutes of yoga or some karate training...

And guess what: It just worked perfectly! And more: I even lost a kilo that way *hahaha* I am soooo proud... And now, where everything is done and three weeks of holidays are lying ahead of me, I think I'm gonna reward myself some more: with a piece of clothing or some jewellery in peacock style...

If you are one of those poor people who still have some work to get done for University: stay focused, loved ones! You gonna make it!

Love and kisses

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