Jan 21, 2012

Braid it!

I love long and beautiful hair. Two years ago, I cut my hair pretty short... too short, if you ask me. And I've been growing it back long ever since. Having long hair is great and I'm loving it every day. Only in December I decided to get fringes again (I was a fringe-girl for almost all my highschool time)... and I don't regret it. I like to wear my hair open more often now that I have fringes. The look is just less boring than with simply long and straight hair. 

And oh hell yeah, I have straight hair. 

Just straight! 

I used do have slightly curly hair, but that got lost somehow on the way. No idea how or why... Well, that's why there are curly irons :) I like to use it once in a while to get a completely different look. But most of the time, I don't have nearly enough time for curls... and that's exactly when braids enter the game! 

Very easy, very quickly done, very cute... nothing more to say! A special braid just spices up about every look... I'm loving it!

xoxo linskaya

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