Jan 12, 2012

no normal nails

I've been experimenting with nail polish and glitter lately. I never was a "nail polish-girl"... I always liked red and only red on my nails. But I wanted to broaden my horizon and thus used many of the different nail polishes I had bought but never used. And I tried how the looked plain, with glitter, with a french nail effect (but not only with white but with different colours)... 

I never took any photos though! So I won't be able to show you how the different experiments looked... but I collected some pictures on Pinterest to show you the different kind of looks I experimented with. 

I liked the ones with a dark colour like midnight blue, dark red, violet, grey or even black with a tiny hinge of glitter... just amazing!!! Only disadvantage when using glitter on your nails is the removing part. Gosh, please, if anyone knows how you can get the glitter off your nails with ripping pads after pads to pieces, let me know! :) 

Otherwise, it's great fun to experiment with nail polish. Just try it! 

xoxo linskaya 

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  1. Da bin ich vor ein paar Tagen erst auf einen Blog-Eintrag gestoßen, den ich aber jetzt natürlich nicht mehr finde. Wattepads klein schneiden und in Nagellackentfernen tränken, auf die Fingernägel legen und Alufolie drumrum. Fünf Minuten einwirken lassen -> entfernen. Dann geht's wohl ganz leicht.