Jan 17, 2012

Coffee Art

Yes, it is the so called lecture-free time of the University...

And yes, others would call it a holiday. 

But I wouldn't call it a holiday. At least not until the end of January. I am currently writing on a few different papers and essays I have to hand in until the end of the month. This means writing a total of 20'000 words...

So what's the fuel that runs through my veins at the moment? What keeps me going? In a very exaggerated sense it's coffee! And not just any coffee, I'm a fan of cappuccino - I actually can't drink coffee without a lot of sugar and milk, so cappuccino is the perfect fit for me :) 

Obviously, I wouldn't spend so much time on my cappuccino as these artist... but hey, their coffee artwork are just great. Don't you think?!

Haha, I think if I really tried I would be able to Angry Bird one or the one on the bottom right. For all the other ones, I'm not so sure! But I'm pretty sure the one with the dragon would take so much time that your coffee would already be cold once your finished... Not exactly what you want!

I think I will have a hot chocolate now... one can need a little change from time to time ;)

xoxo linskaya

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