Jan 9, 2012

sexy sweaters

Today I'm gonna show you a very interesting project I found online: sexy sweaters. The two initiators of this projects are Alec and Greta. They created a program with which they can "project" any given picture onto a blank sweater... This is not simply photoshop, this is genius. 

Now really; take a look at these designs and tell me that's not great. There is a sheer uncountable amount of different designs of pullovers/sweaters. Only sad that are not "real". So far they are only virtual designs... But Alec and Gerta are currently looking for donators or sponsors to make their project become real. 

Until then, I will keep dreaming of some of their designs. I thus collected the ones I like best. The first collection of six black, white and grey designs are just amazing. With a pair of (skinny) jeans and heels, they would make the perfect outfit. This is of course also true for the following collected designs:

Oh how I love these Disney-princesses designs! They are so amazing... I have no words for them. They are obviously still a very bold choice of clothes. 

Very cute as well... aahhhh, Bambi, Calvin & Hobbes and little Simba... lovely! And how I like the house with all the balloons from UP!

And just a few more cool designs... to show you how multifaceted the possibilities with this program are. so enjoy them!



  1. omg i want they all :D


  2. Why haven't these been made!?

  3. Oh I want one disney sweat! :(

  4. Can I buy some of these??

  5. How can I get these sweaters. They're AMAZING!!!!!

  6. Someone needs to make the NOW

  7. So then this Calvin and Hobbes sweater doesn't exist? :(

  8. Why have these not been made? They need to be made asap so i cam buy them all.