Jul 24, 2011

raindrops keep falling on my head

Don't worry, I've calmed down since my last outburst of frustration and anger on friday. this rainy and cold weather helped me to cool my head... and I worked some hours on my older posts and brought all the pictures back. They should now look the same as before...
However, I learned something: never sign up for a new technology, it's like being a guinea pig.

But now to other things: it's raining and raining and raining... and I simply don't get it! Where is the hottest summer of a century that they promised us?! obviously not around! That's why I decided to do a post on rubber boots.

More than once this summer I would have been grateful for rubber boots and especially for ones that beautiful. Me and my boyfriend were at the open air cinema yesterday evening and it started pouring in the middle of the movie... luckily, we got some tippets but it was not very comfortable. And after half an hour, my shoes just couldn't hold the water anymore and my feet got wet. This wouldn't have happened with a pair of these:

These examples show that wellington boots (oh I just love that word for rubber boots) have become fashionable. The ones in the bottom left and right corner are from Marc Jacobs respectively Jimmy Choo who worked for Hunter. Hunter boots are the most famous rubber boots at the moment anyways. Tommy Hilfiger worked with Keith Harings on the boots in the top right corner. The ones in the middle are no-name boots but they're still great.

I like all of these boots - of course, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen them. But I really took the ones on the top left corner to my heart. They're just soooo English! And I just love English stuff!!!

Let's hope the rain stops. And if not, we should at least enjoy it with a pair of cute, fashionable and great wellington boots!

xoxo linskaya

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  1. ich finde die gelben der schnürsenkel wegen echt toll! das ist mal was anderes :)