Jul 21, 2011

golden golden sunlight

Do you remember last wednesday? and me taking a day off last wednesday to go shopping on a rainy morning in completely empty stores? The memory of it still makes me blissfully happy... although it's raining outside as if the world were ending tonight. summer? no way! This post is about the jewellery I bought that day...
In my shopping basket landed two necklaces, a ring and a pair of earrings. It's funny, but all the pieces are in gold... not real gold, of course! Well, it's funny because normally I only like jewellery in silver. I simply think it suits me much better. I guess I changed my mind lately. I love my new pieces of golden jewellery! golden like the sunlight...

It would be hard to say which piece I like best. Every one possesses its own congeniality. The little golden bow ring is super cute, while the earrings bestow a hippie-touch upon every outfit. and the two necklaces: well, the owl is my new buddy, that much is for sure, and the acorn always reminds me of scratch from the ice age movies. that makes me smile...
okay, enough talking about jewellery! 
xoxo linskaya


  1. Haha, *highfive* Only fools think alike... but great minds seldom differ :) Haben wir also heute beide Schmuckpost-Tag gehabt. Richtig tolle Sachen hast du geshoppt! Und ich finde es so süß, wie du über die einzelnen Dinge schreibst. Ich hatte bei der einen Kette auch sofort an Scratch gedacht. Bin eigentlich auch ein strikter Silbertyp, aber wenn ich deine goldenen Schätze da so sehe... :)

    Schade wegen dem Eistee, alles was ich toll finde ist immer entweder in Wien oder in Zürich. Werde den Onlineshop aber mal im Auge behalten. Danke :)

  2. Danke meine Liebe ♥
    Dein Blog ist übrigens auch toll :)

    Regnerische Grüße aus der Hauptstadt