Jul 6, 2011

family grill'n'chill

okay, after two days of heavy emotional ups and downs I am now ready to write again. this week's monday was just horrible... Do you know the kind of days where you just think you should have stayed in bed all day? Yes? Okay, my monday was exactly that kind of day... The only thing that helped then was ice cream and cuddling up with my boyfriend in bed.

Tuesday was a lot better! our team from work took a day off. well, we didn't exactly do nothing but at least not in the office... the Hotel Zürichberg where we stayed for the day was amazing. beautiful rooms and an breathtaking view over the lake of Zürich. It almost felt like a mini-holiday.

But the thing I want to talk about after these emotional ups and downs, is a very positive thing: we invited my parents, my brother and my grandma over to our place for a cozy family grill'n'chill. meat from the grill, a traditional bavarian patato-salad, mediterranean tomato-olive-bread and a cheese cake with fresh strawberries helped to make the evening just perfect.

Some impressions for you!

I simply love my family and it was great having them all here at our place enjoying themselves. I hope we will be repeating this soon.

xoxo linskaya

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