Jul 19, 2011

natural flavoured ice tea

I made a new discovery last weekend: tea bags for ice tea. I've never seen anything like that before... well except normal tea bags of course! special about it is that you can use this tea bag with cold water, ice cold water. yeah, really! just pour water in a glass, add the tea bag and your ice tea is finished. Can't get more easier than that!

It comes in three different flavours - forest fruits, fresh mint and juicy lemon. I went for the first one and I was pretty impressed how perfectly it worked. wouldn't have expected it... I mean, try pouring cold water over any other tea bag and all you get is a bitter tasting kind of water... iehh!

So this is really worth it and a perfect treat for hot summer days. Best thing about it: all the ingredients are completely natural. And the box looks cute...

I am off for a tea,
xoxo linskaya

ps: the tea is from the Silber shop in Zürich, Switzerland. You can have a look at the other stuff of the brand here.


  1. Awww, deine Mail hat mir grad den Tag versüßt :) Danke! Hab dir schon geantwortet.

    Ja, ich werd auch nicht unbedingt schlanker durch den Genuss von Oreoshakes :D Aber solange die Figur noch relativ normal ist, ist mir das eigentlich egal, hihi.

  2. Ups, jetzt hab ich schon auf Senden geklickt, ich wollte eigentlich auch noch fragen, wo es denn diesen tollen Eistee gibt? :)