Jul 22, 2011

Beware of Google+

okay, just a little warning first: this won't be a post that I will be proud on in years to come, but it's neccessary! I'm pissed and it takes a lot to bring me in a mood like that...

Some of you might have heard about Google+ lately, the new social media network that will replace facebook... what a crap, but that's what's been said! Maybe you are part of that now over 10million user counting network, maybe you even think it's cool. so unlike Ffacebook... that's not true! it's hellishly boring and just like facebook, just more boring. And if haven't mentioned it, it's freakin boring.

But now to the real reason why I am so mad at Google and Google+. My profile on Google+ obviously linked itself with my account on blogger - because they are both Google services. Suddenly, all the pictures from my blog and from the posts I haven't published yet appeared on my Google+ profile. Well, who wants his friends to see the pictures of posts yet to come on their Google+ account?! Exactly, NOBODY! Besides, the pictures sometimes were completely distored, tiny or just 5-6 times in my folder. That's why I chose to make short work of it: I deleted the pictures on my Google+ profile...

Wanna know what happened?! Freakin' stupid (I could really curse my head off right now) Google deleted the pictures everywhere, on my profile, on picasa, on my blog... This feels like a nightmare, but it's not - it's true! All the pictures from earlier posts are gone... some of them even gone forever because I don't have them anymore. And my case isn't the worst at all! Google destroyed years and years of blogging for some people... and there is no way to get these pictures back.

So be warned: don't use Google+, it's hellishly stupid! and if you do, beware of the treacherous features of Google!

For me, this means working on my older posts to bring the pictures back. It will take dozens of hours of course... but I have no choice :(

xoxo (a really mad) linskaya


  1. Oh, nichts zu danken. Dein Blog gefällt mir eben :D Aber ich seh grad, ich komme ja auch bei dir vor. Da sag ich doch auch gleich mal vielen lieben Dank!!!

    Du Arme. Wie schrecklich, ich glaube das wäre mein größter Alptraum, dass auf einmal alle meine Bilder weg sind. Super, dass du gleich diese Warnung gepostet hast. Sonst wäre ich womöglich auch noch auf die Idee gekommen, mich da anzumelden... ich wünsche dir, dass du das einigermaßen wieder hinkriegst. Ist leider sehr viel Arbeit und manches ist unwiederbringlich :/

  2. That would also not have happened if you'd use a blog service not powered by google... Maybe you should think about changing to another host?

  3. The more I know about Google the less I want to use them. I'm super sorry this happened to you. With Google once you delete a file it cannot be retrieved... crazy feature for a company that is supposed to be user friendly and whose motto is "Do No Evil."