Jul 1, 2011

ode to my feet

I had to write about my feet this week for a job at work... it turned out that I like my feet pretty much. I didn't even realise it until now... what I wrote almost sounds like an ode to my feet. 
and that's what I wrote:
Thanks, dear feet, that you kept me rooted to the ground and made me move at my fastest speed both together. Thanks as well for bringing me some good results at karate tournaments. Thank you for giving me the great sensations of walking over a still wet lawn after a heavy thunderstorm, of running through hot sand on my holidays, of balancing over stones in a huge stream and of climbing up trees when I was young. And thank you soooo much for giving me the opportunity and excuse to own 24 pairs of shoes that make me look perfect. We could neither stand still nor move forward without you... I guess, we wouldn't be that great without feet.

I hope it will be a warm and sunny weekend - including lots of hours of cooling my feet in a lake and running around barefoot.

xoxo linskaya

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  1. Du hast ja so recht und der Text ist einfach nur traumhaft!
    Ich dachte bisher immer, dass ich Füße nicht so gerne mag. Aber wenn man mal drüber nachdenkt, sind sie wirklich toll.